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17 Apr 2015

Redirecting Users Based on their Country IP Address

Thoughts on websites redirecting users based on country IP address.

15 Apr 2015

Best Large Archive Format to Extract Files

We have a think about archive formats and what are the best options.

7 Apr 2015

WordPress Relative URL - Why use Absolute URLs?

Every wondered why people use absolute URLs instead of relative in WordPress?

5 Apr 2015

SEO Blog Comments - What the SEO specialist uses

I had a look at how top ranking sites for SEO run comments on their sites.

5 Apr 2015

Wordpress Editor Image Paste Plugins

WordPress plugins that can be used to paste images.

4 Apr 2015

Best WordPress Comments Plugin

A look at WordPress Comment Plugins├č

4 Apr 2015

Wordpress Image Optimization

A look at WordPress plugins to make your images smaller and faster to load.

3 Apr 2015

WordPress Editor - WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Tips for WordPress content editing.