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4 Apr 2015

Best WordPress Comments Plugin

A look at WordPress Comment Plugins├č

5 Apr 2015

SEO Blog Comments - What the SEO specialist uses

I had a look at how top ranking sites for SEO run comments on their sites.

5 Apr 2015

Wordpress Editor Image Paste Plugins

WordPress plugins that can be used to paste images.

3 Apr 2015

WordPress Editor - WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Tips for WordPress content editing.

4 Apr 2015

Wordpress Image Optimization

A look at WordPress plugins to make your images smaller and faster to load.

7 Apr 2015

WordPress Relative URL - Why use Absolute URLs?

Every wondered why people use absolute URLs instead of relative in WordPress?

7 Mar 2015

Yoast SiteMap not Updating

My Yoast WordPress sitemap was not updating.