more of an aspiration than a claim

Moving to a MacBook from Windows

Yes, MacBook to PC, or MacOS to Windows makes more sense, but whatever you want to call it, I finally caved in and bought a MacBook (well a few weeks ago now).


Well every other developers seems to have one in all the videos I watch, so I decided I better have one too… just kidding. Well, kidding about the reason, but seriously, it is a sea of MacBooks in most online videos I watch.

I still have my older Windows notebook and I am going to try take both with me next time I travel. I still like Windows and there are some programs I still prefer that are only available on Windows.

The main reason that made me look was that you have pretty much have to have a MacBook if you want to make anything for OS X or iOS. I may go down that path, hence the MacBook.

I am also doing some Node.js development and whilst I have got along so far with Windows, it still feels like a second class citizen. Most people seem to develop for Node on a MacBook.

I’m also pretty keen to get a decent terminal. Babun and ConEmu made life a bit more bearable, but a Unix based system will be nice again.

Why Now?

I have been hanging out for an Intel Skylake processor for a while, but I’m currently in Australia and the price was recently increased here due to the poor Australian dollar. I managed to get a MacBook Pro 13 Retina on sale with the discount applied to the old lower price. I can also claim tax back when I fly out soon.

I’m also thinking they will do a major chassis update to the new Skylake MacBook, so it is a bit of a bummer. Anyway, I will have to wait and see if I made the correct decision or not. I figured I can always sell it and upgrade as MacBooks seem to hold their value very well. At least I managed to get a Broadwell CPU after all the waiting.

It may turn out better if they move everything to the new MacBook 12 inch keyboard, as that felt horrible, haha. Not that I thought I would like this keyboard, but more on that later.

How’s it Going?

Well I have some more articles planned for that, so I’ll update those soon.

I’ve never really liked Macs when I have used them before, so it was going to be interesting. I have been trying to keep an open mind and so far it is turning out better than I thought.