more of an aspiration than a claim

24 Nov 2015

StrongLoop Reddit Vote Manipulation

StrongLoop admit tomfoolery with spam accounts and vote manipulation

24 Nov 2015

Exception Handling - Promises vs Observables

Find out some differences between promises and observables in JavaScript

20 Nov 2015

Babel transpile ignoring native Javascript

Thoughts on Babel transpiling to ignore native JavaScript

10 Nov 2015

Are Google Dropping the Ball with Android

I've been having some problems with my Android phone. Listen to me complain.

8 Nov 2015

Moving to a MacBook from Windows

Some thoughts on why I bought myself a MacBook

25 Jun 2015

Install fails because module 'is-property' isn't installed

module is-property isn't installed error and how I got around it

8 Jun 2015

npm Set Visual Studio Compiler Version

How to setup C++ compiler for node.js on MicroSoft Windows

7 May 2015

Visual Studio 2015 RC Hanging on Android SDK install

Visual Studio 2015 taking a long time to install Android SDK?