more of an aspiration than a claim

8 Nov 2015

Moving to a MacBook from Windows

Some thoughts on why I bought myself a MacBook

25 Jun 2015

Install fails because module 'is-property' isn't installed

module is-property isn't installed error and how I got around it

8 Jun 2015

npm Set Visual Studio Compiler Version

How to setup C++ compiler for node.js on MicroSoft Windows

7 May 2015

Visual Studio 2015 RC Hanging on Android SDK install

Visual Studio 2015 taking a long time to install Android SDK?

17 Apr 2015

Redirecting Users Based on their Country IP Address

Thoughts on websites redirecting users based on country IP address.

15 Apr 2015

Best Large Archive Format to Extract Files

We have a think about archive formats and what are the best options.

7 Apr 2015

WordPress Relative URL - Why use Absolute URLs?

Every wondered why people use absolute URLs instead of relative in WordPress?

5 Apr 2015

SEO Blog Comments - What the SEO specialist uses

I had a look at how top ranking sites for SEO run comments on their sites.