Wordpress Online Todo List

Okay, so my current online todo list for the diary is a bit painful to work with and does not look great.

What would be cool?:

  • Super easy to edit

    • Desktop/Mobile and Web version that could publish the todo list to a page!
  • Looks nice

  • Time tracking, maybe? Possible options:

  • Trello

    • I already have this on my phone. A friend mentioned it to me before. It seems quite popular to use for community road mapping. It allows public user interaction and voting. I'm going to try it out.
  • Toggl

    • I already started playing around with this before
    • Bad
      • Toggl desktop version stopped letting me log in with my Google account and the web and mobile interfaces are a bit clunky for me to add data quickly.
  • WordPress Todo plugin?

    • Options
      • Cleverness To-Do List

        • Good
          • has some basic project management features
            • priority
            • deadline
            • Progress
            • category
        • Bad
          • Probably has more features than I need
            • multiple users
            • sharing between WordPress users
          • Lacks indented subtasks? (perhaps categories would do, but sounds a bit messy?)
      • Bad

        • Do I want to add another plugin just for todo?
  • Google has some kind of todo list I used before. Maybe I can share that?

  • Memotoo

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Diary Goals

So what is this the point of this diary?

  1. Provide personal motivation

    1. Public blogging might motivate me to write more. An audience can push me to achieve more.
  2. Decisive

    1. Maybe blogging about what I am doing will make me more decisive and provide me more focus. 1. An audience waiting with baited breath would generate a sense or urgency to produce. 1. Hopefully a real audience, but an imaginary one might work for a while too.
  3. Teach others

    1. I make the world a better place because my post content is awesome.
    2. I seem to enjoy researching and I am feel I am quite good at it.
    3. Warm fuzzies for me ;)
  4. Improve by learning from others

    1. In an office environment you bounce ideas off colleagues. This is taking my office global ;) 1. There are plenty of smarter people to learn from... hopefully they come here.
  5. Provide myself a creative outlet to the world

  6. Learn more about this social networking craze

  7. Professional Development

    1. As a software professional this could help my reputation and perhaps lead to exciting and new work prospects.
  8. Programmers + Coffee (must) = Profit! ;)

    1. Yes, I have been tired of doing great work for others and they get the lions share of the profit.
  9. Lifestyle

    1. I love to travel. I would also love an income stream that let's me roam free and soar like an eagle Soaring Eagle

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Starting Baseline

So to start off the SEO diary, lets start with some baseline stats for RationalDev and then we can see if we are improving. RationalDev.com was originally a Drupal website. After converting to WordPress, it suffered a massive drop in traffic. Not that it had huge traffic in the first place, but it certainly has a lot less now. It needs some love! PortableCoffee is a few months and has a lot more recent knowledge applied. RationalDev needs some retrofitting. Anyway, let's check out the bad news!

I am going to split these into different pages and then add new comparisons over time.

Google Webmaster Top Queries

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SEO Diary

Daryl Kerrigan
Darryl Kerrigan (The Castle - Australian Movie)

I'm an ideas man.

This is my latest idea. I haven't done much social blogging, so this is an experimental diary that will follow my recent creation - PortableCoffee.com. The diary will document changes I make to improve PortableCoffee.com and RationalDev.com.

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WordPress Editor - WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Are you making the most of your WordPress editor? I certainly wasn't!

Warning: be careful editing the same posts in multiple browser windows as it can confuse the backup system and mean you lose your data. I have seen it get confused and not save my my recent modifications. Next time I will try remember to post the message here.

I'm not a huge fan of the WordPress editor, but check out this WordPress tutorial to make your experience a little more productive:

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WooCommerce Tips

I'll list any useful tips I came across while using WooCommerce, the E-commerce plugin for WordPress:

  • WooCommerce with WordPress SEO by Yoast

    • There is a Yoast WooCommerce SEO WordPress plugin that integrates the two plugins to work better together.
    • Under WooCommerce/Products the listing can stretch vertically because of the long 'SEO Title' column. You can turn off the 'SEO Title' column under 'Screen Options' to shrink this back to a more manageable vertical height.

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Yoast SiteMap not Updating

I was getting some Google Webmaster errors because I had some empty children on my sitemap.

After excluding the relevant taxonomies, my sitemap would still not update.

I enabled and disabled the sitemap, but this did not work. In fact, the old sitemap still remained even when disabled.

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Prometeus Xen VPS Hosting Review

I had previously found lowendbox.com and lowendtalk.com. These sites post about low cost VPS servers.

I have been working on a project that will require a VPS at some point hopefully. I'm on holiday and it was the new year, so I was browsing around to see if there were any good deals for a cheap, but reliable VPS.

I had previously targeted RamNode and Prometeus as possibly good deals.

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Cloud Source Code Backup with Wuala

I finally implemented an idea I came up with a while back. Cloud source code backup!

Update: I am now using SpiderOak in a similar manner as Wuala is no longer free.

I configured Wuala to cloud store (encrypted) my source code directory. It allows you to filter directory names and file names (with wildcard), so I took out images, EXEs, DLLs etc, so it is pretty much just source code I might change. You can also take out projects you aren't modifying, eg source code from a third party library. One nice trick is to see what will be filtered via a tree view is to use the add file dialog which will re-calculate each time it is opened.

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