Pingdom Website Speed Test Comparison - SEO Diary

Pingdom are know for their website uptime tracking, but they also have their popular Pingdom Website Speed Test tool we can add to our SEO Diary.

I was having some troubles running the tests. I should probably do some runs from different data centers as currently RationalDev is hosted on CrocWeb shared hosting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and PortableCoffee is on a Vultr VPS in Silicon Valley.

Pingdom RationalDev San Jose

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Wordpress Editor Image Paste Plugins

WordPress image paste... having to download or save images and then add them to the media library was driving me crazy! Automatic really should build image copy and paste into WordPress. It is such a massive time saver!

Anyway, paste image doesn't seem to be available by default, but have I found two potential options:

OnePress Image Elevator (free)

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Best WordPress Comments Plugin

So which is the best WordPress comments plugin? This is a pretty divisive topic.

Comment spam is one of the huge issues any WordPress administrator will face. Personally, I got annoyed with having to deal with it and turned them all off. I am now looking at turning my Wordpress comments back on. My social diary experiment won't work so well without feedback!

Here are some of the best WordPress comment options:

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Wordpress Image Optimization

I've previously looked at a few different WordPress plugins for Image Optimization for

As I am posting a lot of images at the moment, it is important to squish those bitz. This makes my site load faster, which is of course good for SEO.

EWWW Image Optimizer

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Wordpress Online Todo List

Okay, so my current online todo list for the diary is a bit painful to work with and does not look great.

What would be cool?:

  • Super easy to edit

    • Desktop/Mobile and Web version that could publish the todo list to a page!
  • Looks nice

  • Time tracking, maybe? Possible options:

  • Trello

    • I already have this on my phone. A friend mentioned it to me before. It seems quite popular to use for community road mapping. It allows public user interaction and voting. I'm going to try it out.
  • Toggl

    • I already started playing around with this before
    • Bad
      • Toggl desktop version stopped letting me log in with my Google account and the web and mobile interfaces are a bit clunky for me to add data quickly.
  • WordPress Todo plugin?

    • Options
      • Cleverness To-Do List

        • Good
          • has some basic project management features
            • priority
            • deadline
            • Progress
            • category
        • Bad
          • Probably has more features than I need
            • multiple users
            • sharing between WordPress users
          • Lacks indented subtasks? (perhaps categories would do, but sounds a bit messy?)
      • Bad

        • Do I want to add another plugin just for todo?
  • Google has some kind of todo list I used before. Maybe I can share that?

  • Memotoo

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