Wordpress Editor Image Paste Plugins

WordPress image paste... having to download or save images and then add them to the media library was driving me crazy! Automatic really should build image copy and paste into WordPress. It is such a massive time saver!

Anyway, paste image doesn't seem to be available by default, but have I found two potential options:

OnePress Image Elevator (free)

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Best WordPress Comments Plugin

So which is the best WordPress comments plugin? This is a pretty divisive topic.

Comment spam is one of the huge issues any WordPress administrator will face. Personally, I got annoyed with having to deal with it and turned them all off. I am now looking at turning my Wordpress comments back on. My social diary experiment won't work so well without feedback!

Here are some of the best WordPress comment options:

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Wordpress Image Optimization

I've previously looked at a few different WordPress plugins for Image Optimization for PortableCoffee.com.

As I am posting a lot of images at the moment, it is important to squish those bitz. This makes my site load faster, which is of course good for SEO.

EWWW Image Optimizer

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WordPress Editor - WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Are you making the most of your WordPress editor? I certainly wasn't!

Warning: be careful editing the same posts in multiple browser windows as it can confuse the backup system and mean you lose your data. I have seen it get confused and not save my my recent modifications. Next time I will try remember to post the message here.

I'm not a huge fan of the WordPress editor, but check out this WordPress tutorial to make your experience a little more productive:

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Yoast SiteMap not Updating

I was getting some Google Webmaster errors because I had some empty children on my sitemap.

After excluding the relevant taxonomies, my sitemap would still not update.

I enabled and disabled the sitemap, but this did not work. In fact, the old sitemap still remained even when disabled.

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Prometeus Xen VPS Hosting Review

I had previously found lowendbox.com and lowendtalk.com. These sites post about low cost VPS servers.

I have been working on a project that will require a VPS at some point hopefully. I'm on holiday and it was the new year, so I was browsing around to see if there were any good deals for a cheap, but reliable VPS.

I had previously targeted RamNode and Prometeus as possibly good deals.

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Cloud Source Code Backup with Wuala

I finally implemented an idea I came up with a while back. Cloud source code backup!

Update: I am now using SpiderOak in a similar manner as Wuala is no longer free.

I configured Wuala to cloud store (encrypted) my source code directory. It allows you to filter directory names and file names (with wildcard), so I took out images, EXEs, DLLs etc, so it is pretty much just source code I might change. You can also take out projects you aren't modifying, eg source code from a third party library. One nice trick is to see what will be filtered via a tree view is to use the add file dialog which will re-calculate each time it is opened.

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