Firefox: Google Page Rank and Alexa Popularity Ranking Extension (SearchStatus)

SearchStatus - is an extension plugin for Firefox that allows you to see Google Page Rank and Alexa Popularity Rankings in a non-obtrusive manner within your browser.

Whilst neither Google Page Rank of Alexa Popularity Ranking scores are particularly accurate representations of a pages hit pulling power, it is nice to have these statistics available to get an idea of how a site is performing. It beats having to load up Internet Explorer each time you want to see page ranking information.

SearchStatus works in both Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox browsers and is free to download and use.

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NASA Open Source Java Debugger: Java PathFinder

Java PathFinder (JPF) is a Java debugger developed by NASA and contributed to the open source community.

It is a form of basic JVM that explores exploration paths and looks for assertions, unhandled exceptions (NullPointerException) and deadlocks. It is a command line tool and can also be embedded into another application. It is very useful for checking concurrent programs and reports the full execution path of any problems.

So now you can use your own NASA program to create those mission critical programs.

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Software Project Common Mistakes

From my project history and observations, here are some common problems I commonly see/hear about software development projects.

  • Not keeping the requirements up to date.

On some projects people get lax and it all becomes too hard to keep all the requirements up to date. This will cause even more problems further down the track when nobody can agree on what is meant to be delivered. It also makes it very hard to test a system if you don't know what the systems functionality is.

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Unison: Local and Remote File Synchronisation

I have only just started using this program, but it sounds like it will save me a lot of time and reduce the monatomy of manually uploading modified files for my web site. It sounds like there is plenty of potential for other uses as well.

I came across Unison at my web hosts support forums where someone was inquiring about whether they could use Unison in their account. Whilst it wasn't installed as part of the machine, the great thing is that Unison can be run without root priveleges.

There is great documentation available from the home site of Unison

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JSF versus Struts: Comparison

JSF appears a pretty exciting technology, given my own short investigation using the IBM Websphere Application Studio IDE. At this early stage though, I wasn't entirely convinced that I would want to use JSF for a important project. I found a few small problems in my limited usage and helpful resources were hard to come by. Given some more time to settle down though, it feels like a much nicer way to program than Struts.

Sys Con: JSF versus Struts article

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Firefox: The Real Internet Explorer

Firefox is a great browser that can enhance your online experience. I've been using Firefox since about version 0.8. I'm normally the kind of person that goes around and tries out new bits and pieces. Most things I download don't last very long. Firefox is different. Whilst Mozilla is a bit clunky, Firefox is sleek, not full of junk and a pleasure to use.

You will find Firefox is compatible with most sites, although you may occasionaly have to load up IE. There is also no Google sanctified Page Rank tool for Firefox... Google search is nicely integrated into Firefox though.

Firefox has many advantages over IE.

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Hidden Excel Sheets After Writing to the Excel Workbook

Are your Excel sheets missing after programmatically writing to your workbook?

I came across this when trying to write into an Excel spreadsheet from a C# application (should still be application to VB or other languages). This is particulary confusing when you have never written any Excel interacting code before and do not know about hidden sheets.

After writing to the Excel workbook, I found that all sheets had disappeared, although the file size had increased and I could see signs of my newly added values in the binary Excel file.

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Middlegen Tutorial: Quick Start Guide

This article is a brief description of Middlegen’s capabilities and a quick start guide is also provided. The tutorial details the steps I took to modify the provided sample configuration to run with my own database for use with Hibernate.

Middlegen Overview

Middlegen is a database driven code generator that is run and configured with Ant scripts. A UML like GUI front-end configuration tool is also provided.

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Development Tool Links

Some of these I have looked at in detail, others I haven't, but they all seemed interesting to me in some way. I'll try to filter out the junk. The more interesting or widely supported they are, the closer they will be to their heading:

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)


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