OpenJDK - Sun Open Sources Java With GPL v2 Licence

Sun are open sourcing Java. People have been hounding Sun to release Java as an open source product for a long time now and finally their dreams have come true.

In 2007 you should be able to download the Java source code and compile your own open source JDK courtesy of Sun. The project is called OpenJDK.

Sun has gone open source crazy over the past few years!

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SGI Bankrupt - Silicon Graphics Inc File For Chapter 11

Every now and then I would check the SGI website to see if they had finally fallen. Today it happened.

SGI filed for chapter 11 around May 8 2006, although they have emerged a new leaner company on October 17 2006.

I think many people will be sad, although not that surprised, to see it finally happened. SGI was a company that made a lot of computer people dream of amazing things. They also made plenty of other non-computer people dream too, being the power behind many amazing visual effects, such as movies.

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Idologic Inc Hosting Review - Top Quality Reliability, Speed And Service

Idologic Inc is the host of this site. I think they do a mighty fine job. Here is why I think Idologic Inc could be the hosting provider you are looking for.

My first attempts at a website I used a cheap host and sadly got what I was expecting... poor speed, reliability and a little bit better service than I was expecting. I then moved to a BlueWho and was very happy for a while, see BlueWho Hosting Review. Not bad on my second attempt at finding a host... but I tend to research things too much.

BlueWho had been increasingly worrying me with their service and looking at BlueWho's support forums, I was not the only one. A couple of support email answers left me feeling somewhat uneasy hosting with them and here are a few points that lead to me looking for my new hosting solution, Idologic Inc.

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Google Adsense Code in Drupal - Showing/Hiding With Theme Template For Relevant Pages Howto

I tried various methods of integrating Adsense code into my Drupal installations.

I used the 'footer' section in the 'settings' area of Drupal. This allows the display of adverts down the bottom of the page.

I also tried using blocks. Blocks were useful because they provide functionality for hiding themselves. You are not meant to show Google Adsense on pages like user registration.

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Useful DOS Commands I Sometime Forget

Useful DOS commands that I use infrequently and sometimes sit pondering what the correct executable name is:

msconfig - You can change ini files, what loads on your system (services and programs). msinfo32 - Show details about your hardware and software. regedit - GUI for modifying the Windows Registry settings.

Network Related:

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Error LNK2005: already defined in LIBCMT.lib

If you get a link error like error LNK2005: _free already defined in LIBCMT.lib it is probably related to your library type.

Make sure you are using the same library types, eg all Release, or all Debug builds.

Make sure your run-time library threading compartments are of the same type for libraries you are linking.

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Peer not authenticated Exception peer not authenticated

If you are getting this exception, it is likely that you need to go to the download for the JDK that you are using, eg 1.4.2 JDK and then find the section with "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files".

Download the archive and follow the install instructions and you should no longer have problems with your higher level encryption.

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