Diary Goals

So what is this the point of this diary?

  1. Provide personal motivation

    1. Public blogging might motivate me to write more. An audience can push me to achieve more.
  2. Decisive

    1. Maybe blogging about what I am doing will make me more decisive and provide me more focus. 1. An audience waiting with baited breath would generate a sense or urgency to produce. 1. Hopefully a real audience, but an imaginary one might work for a while too.
  3. Teach others

    1. I make the world a better place because my post content is awesome.
    2. I seem to enjoy researching and I am feel I am quite good at it.
    3. Warm fuzzies for me ;)
  4. Improve by learning from others

    1. In an office environment you bounce ideas off colleagues. This is taking my office global ;) 1. There are plenty of smarter people to learn from... hopefully they come here.
  5. Provide myself a creative outlet to the world

  6. Learn more about this social networking craze

  7. Professional Development

    1. As a software professional this could help my reputation and perhaps lead to exciting and new work prospects.
  8. Programmers + Coffee (must) = Profit! ;)

    1. Yes, I have been tired of doing great work for others and they get the lions share of the profit.
  9. Lifestyle

    1. I love to travel. I would also love an income stream that let's me roam free and soar like an eagle Soaring Eagle