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AJAX Hype - Should You Use AJAX And Javascript


So this post is a blast from the past about previous thoughts on AJAX and JavaScript. Since then a lot has changed and Flex is long dead. We now have TypeScript and I am often using it in the front end and the back end with node.js.

Thankfully AJAX has been replaced with better options and the tooling, frameworks and JavaScript as a language have improved significantly. Sometimes it is still frustrating, but it is far better than before.

Original Post below:

AJAX. I don’t know how this ever came to be a good idea. I haven’t even looked into it in detail of AJAX, just the idea of lots of Javascript was enough to make me cringe and run for cover.

AJAX sounds like the stupidest idea ever to me. I don’t want to know anything about AJAX. Javascript is a mess and a painful to deal with. Javascript to me has always been a necessary evil to achieve some of those features that you can’t otherwise do with less painful technology. Sensible projects I have worked on always tried to limit the amount of Javascript required.

Google made AJAX successful and a major buzz word from what I can tell. But they had the creator of Javascript heading their team and probably lots of other smart Googlites. Mere mortals are going to have a lot more difficulty making a nice Javascript framework. Hackers will get in and turn it something resembling that yummy italian pasta dish.

After doing some reading lately, it sounds like people are finally starting to get over the AJAX infactuation. To me, something like Flex is a much more sensible option to pursue. You get a lot cooler functionality and it is taking us forward technically, rather than back to the days of Netscape Communicator and Javascript. If only Adobe would take a few notes from Sun on how to make their product gain market traction.