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4 Jan 2007

"Access is Denied" Error Message Opening My Documents Folder On Old Hard Disk - Windows XP Security

When opening a My Documents folder on your old drive, you might get Access Denied and can try this tip.

12 Mar 2009

Always Expand Menu in Office

Are you tired of clicking menu options in Office, here is how to auto expand that menu.

14 Feb 2014

Browse the GAC in Windows Explorer and Copy Files

Tips on how to browse the Windows GAC and copy files.

24 Jan 2014

Linux on Hyper-V with High Resolution

Hyper-V running Linux and having a higher resolution.

21 Jul 2011

Post Build Install to GAC / Code Not Recompiling

Fixing GAC issues and recompiling code.

6 Jul 2006

Quick Howto For Manually Installing PHP As A Module For Apache 2 Running Windows

Tips on howto setup PHP on windows for development.

18 Dec 2008

The IIS Admin service terminated with service-specific error 2148073478 (0x80090006)

Fixing the IIS Admin service terminating with error 2148073478.