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StrongLoop Reddit Vote Manipulation

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Wow, I found this Reddit thread the other day where StrongLoop seem to admit to vote manipulation on Reddit.

Vote manipulation. Suddenly, spam accounts everywhere submitting strongloop, commenting favorably just on strongloop posts, etc. Really obvious pattern. Proof is easily found by looking at the domain search for strongloop, and by submitting anything pointing to the domain. Immediate spam queue - the domain is reddit-shadowbanned.

reply by jakerella

Hi there, I’m a DE for StrongLoop. Yes, there was some tomfoolery going on previously, and I’ve specifically pushed for that to stop. Lately (last few months at least) you won’t see that. That said, when other people post SL stuff we do pile on, but it’s our staff voting up those posts, and we encourage them to be active members of the community at large. Again, not trying to excuse previous behavior, but trying to show that we’re working to be better.

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