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iinet bad support

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Here is an example of iinet support.


Obviously incorrectly recorded data usage back in March 2013.


Shows average of 4.9MBps over an hour

iinet claimed maximum (their website) = 2.9MBps

Shown likely limit based on previous logs downloading for an hour from Microsoft = 0.5 MBps


Send email detailing issue, including log quotes and speeds.


Email with a tracking number and then:


Oh wait, the next day I check the iinet toolbox website. There is a support note in there, but no email. It was not mentioned in the tracking email that all responses are via the toolbox website.

Wrong Answer

We will call you at 3:30pm and ask if your wifi has security?? Obviously not the problem if you read the original email. Everyone in the world could have been downloading from the modem, but it is impossible to download that fast.


I can’t find a way to respond to the original email or the support ticket. I send another email referencing the original tracking number and get no response.

Receive Support Phone Call

iinet: So who are you and what is the problem?

Me: Pardon? So nobody even bothered to read the details of the email, check the account, or even consider checking the problem.

After Id check, I am asked again what the problem is.

iinet: Checks and agrees it is a problem and will forward on to the technical team to fix… takes about a minute to do this.


  1. No response email that can be replied to for a threaded conversation.

  2. Support staff not reading or being able to diagnose the issue and setting up a phone call for the following day… mid afternoon. Luckily the account was just below being shaped or the internet would be very slow until fixed.

  3. Issue could have been resolved by checking and taking about 1 minute of their time. Ended up dragging out until late the next day and involving a lot more time from both parties.

  4. Phone support didn’t appear to have read the details of the problem and were going to ring someone that didn’t know anything about it.

  5. I've paid literally less than $2 dollars a month for far better hosting support (knowledgeable responses and support systems). This is the second biggest internet company in Australia who on average taking more than $100 a month for the account!

End Result…

I’d be hesitant to recommend iinet.

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