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Idologic Inc Hosting Review - Top Quality Reliability, Speed And Service

Idologic Inc was the host of this site. I think they do a mighty fine job. Here is why I think Idologic Inc could be the hosting provider you are looking for.

My first attempts at a website I used a cheap host and sadly got what I was expecting… poor speed, reliability and a little bit better service than I was expecting. I then moved to a BlueWho and was very happy for a while, see BlueWho Hosting Review. Not bad on my second attempt at finding a host… but I tend to research things too much.

BlueWho had been increasingly worrying me with their service and looking at BlueWho’s support forums, I was not the only one. A couple of support email answers left me feeling somewhat uneasy hosting with them and here are a few points that lead to me looking for my new hosting solution, Idologic Inc.

  • Adrian the previous owner of BlueWho sold and left the company
  • The support staff seem to be have dropped in quality of service and knowledge
  • BlueWho removed daily backups without notification due to server loads
  • I felt there was better value for money elsewhere these days in terms of plan specifications versus quality of service (both support and server wise) It was time to hit Google again and see who I could trust for my hosting needs.

After a lot of research (much more than when I found BlueWho the first time) I came across Idologic Inc. Like BlueWho beforehand, I could not find evidence of unhappy customers.

Deciding that Idologic Inc looked the part, I sent them some emails with questions. I was happy to find knowledgable answers and speedy responses. This was what I was hoping to see from Idologic Inc.

They met all my requirements including:

  • SSH shell access
  • Able to run Drupal CMS (PHP based)
  • Off server daily backups As a bonus, Idologic Inc would help me move my accounts across for free. The biggest problem I had with Idologic Inc was deciding whether to switch to DirectAdmin (DA) which looked very nice, or stay with cPanel which I already knew. Idologic Inc had a script to convert cPanel to DA, but I decided to stay with cPanel in case I was not happy and wanted to move to a new host. Luckily Idologic Inc turned out to be what I had read about and hoped for.

I even created a looping effect (accidentally) that took down a server and they quickly removed my sites until I fixed them. They were very understanding and once I explained what I thought they problem was and put in a mechanism to take them offline afterwards they allowed my sites access again. Thankfully I had fixed the problem and did not have to test Idologic Inc’s patients any further.

After that I can happily say that I have not had to deal with Idologic Inc. It is about 6 months on and I have never seen any problems with my sites or had to contact Idologic. This is the best way to be. Cheers Idologic.

Check out the dedicated or reseller plans from Idologic Inc. Idologic reseller plans start at $15 and dedicated plans at $159.