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Dead Notebook - Retrieve data from notebook hard disk

I just had the misfortune of having my poor, hard working notebook die on me.

My gut feel is that it is the notebook motherboard. I am hoping and praying that this is the case as there is some stuff on the notebook hard disk that I really want to get back.

It turns out that there is hope. Since I was already looking at replacing the notebook, if I can get the hard disk data off, then I won’t be so unhappy.

My hope is that when I get a notebook adapter cable, I will regain access to my notebook hard disk via my desktop PC. These handle little adapters can convert a 2.5” (Notebook) Hard Disk Drive into a 3.5” Compatible IDE Hard Disk Drive.

Another solution I heard about was putting the notebook hard disk into an external USB hard disk enclosure.

Now, to find out if it is my notebook hard disk that is dead or not.