Cheap Hosting Comparison With Decent Reviews From WebHostingTalk

A web hosting feature matrix I used while looking for a new cheap and reliable hosting server. Not shown in any particular order. The broad requirements were shared hosting with around 10GB of storage and at least allowing 10 domains, but preferably unlimited domain hosting (the only thing I want specified as unlimited, unlimited storage and bandwidth is generally a deceitful company).

Note: $4.95Y meants $4.95 a month if paid yearly, $2.95Yx3 would mean $2.95 a month paid triannually.

Features/ CompanyPrice DS/BWeb ServerSSHCloudFlarePort 80 WebmailUnlimited Domains /DB/SubStatic IP Prices
eleven2$3.70 a month first year, normally extra discounts availableYes (free, open ticket)Yes10 Domains on cheapest, Others unlimited$4
crocweb$4.95Y $2.95Yx3 10/100

50% discount?


stablehost$5.95Litespeed + 1 Apache in each locationYes ($2.50 one time)Yes$3
Geek StoragePro plan - $6.99Yx2LiteSpeedYesYes3 on cheapest plan, Yes others$2m
FernGullyGraphics$5 5/60Apache + Varnish$1.95 month/$20 per year
mddhosting$9.78Y (15%) 25% couponLitespeed



MYSQL conncurentcPanel migrationMoneybackUptimeSupport
eleven2No limitYes6099.9%24x7
stablehostYes. $99 for transfer of reseller account4599.9%24x7
Geek StorageYes3099.9%24x7
mddhosting25Y30 Uncond99.9%24x7



Data CenterPHP Safe modeSPFBackupComments
eleven2NoYesR1Soft, 7 DaysNo uptime utility, iphone app
crocwebNetelligent, MontrealYes & DomainKeysR1Soft CDP, D/W/MSSD MySQL, Zend, Unlimited IMAP? Sounds like kSplice,

"We place around 100 clients per server"

stablehostPhoenix Nap, PhoenixSays Online Backups Sunday and ThursdayUSA and Germany
Geek StoragePremium Network

(Level(3), NTT, nLayer & Tinet)Chicago, IL IDC

DASSP Spam filter, CloudLinux OS, Ksplice, Seagate Cheetah 15K SAS HDDs File, Intel SSD Database, server SSL, Zend, Git
mddhostingHandy Networks, Denver