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Babel transpile ignoring native Javascript

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I was thinking today that we want Babel to ignore transpiling native JavaScript available in Node.js.

You could whitelist or blacklist what you want Babel to transpile and a few people list options in the comments here.

Babel 6 now does nothing by default, but there doesn’t seem to be any Node.js version specific presets mentioned on the Babel page.

Finding out which options you need for your version of Node.js might be a bit tricky.

The famous Kangax page for ES6 (yes, I prefer that name rather than ES2015 too) is a good source and shows some different Chrome and Node.js versions.

This link on the Node.js site shows what features are available in Node.js, but I am not sure how up to date it is kept.

It notes you can find in progress V8 options with:

 node --v8-options | grep "in progress"

and the V8 version used by your Node.js with:

 node -p process.versions.v8

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