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9 Apr 2007

Why (string == string) Is A Bad Habit in C# And Other Languages

string === string bad habit in C# and other languages.

27 Mar 2007

Essential And Best Programming Tools To Install On Your Development PC

Programming tools that you mind find useful to install.

6 Mar 2007

Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl Preconfigured Install Out Of The Box

If you want to setup Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl, here are some pre-built packages.

31 Jan 2007

XQuery 1.0 Overview - Querying XML

XQuery 1.0 overview tips.

17 Jan 2007

ISO 9001 - Is All That Documentation Worth It?

ISO 9001 and my experiences with it.

14 Jan 2007

Cheap Online Storage Service With No Minimum Fee

Cheap Online Storage Service With No Minimum Fee using AWS S3

4 Jan 2007

"Access is Denied" Error Message Opening My Documents Folder On Old Hard Disk - Windows XP Security

When opening a My Documents folder on your old drive, you might get Access Denied and can try this tip.

21 Dec 2006

Dead Notebook - Retrieve data from notebook hard disk

Dead Notebook - Retrieving data from a troublesome notebook hard disk