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24 Nov 2012

Android SDK: File not found (Access is denied)

Downloading and getting File not found (Access is denied) when running Android SDK, then try this

13 Oct 2011

Unauthorized Access or Access is denied in IIS Express or Development Web Server

Unauthorized Access in IIS Express and how to fix it.

13 Sep 2011

jqGrid Disabling all the Page Controls

jqGrid was disabling all the controls on my page. What I did wrong.

4 Sep 2011

Could not load type ... from assembly 'System.Web profile...

System.Web could not load type and how to fix it.

4 Sep 2011

The installed version of 'NuGet Package Manager' is signed, but the update version has an invalid signature

invalid signature after downloading a new version of NuGet and how to fix it.

16 Aug 2011

WebMatrix “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”

Fixing Bad Request and Invalid Hostname error in WebMatrix.

21 Jul 2011

Post Build Install to GAC / Code Not Recompiling

Fixing GAC issues and recompiling code.

18 Jun 2011

Visual Studio Not Showing Event Lightning Bolt Icon in Properties Window

How to get back your Event Lightning Bolt icon in Visual Studio properties window.