more of an aspiration than a claim

15 Jul 2005

Error LNK2005: already defined in LIBCMT.lib

Error LNK2005 already defined in LIBCMT.lib

27 Nov 2004

Software Project Common Mistakes

Tips about common mistakes in software projects.

22 Nov 2004
25 Aug 2004

Hidden Excel Sheets After Writing to the Excel Workbook

Are you sheets hidden in Excel After Writing to the Excel Workbook

12 Aug 2004

Middlegen Tutorial: Quick Start Guide

Middlegen Tutorial, Quick Start Guide

5 Aug 2004

Quality Software Process Links

Some Quality Software Process Links to help you in your development career.

19 Jul 2004

Programming Reminder List

Some Programming Reminders when developing.

14 Jul 2004

Disable Low Disk Space in XP

How to Disable Low Disk Space warning in Windows XP